Criminally Underpriced, Wonderfully Overdelivers

Do me a favor. Stop reading for a second and go to ( and buy the six issues of Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia. I’ll wait….. I wrote this awhile ago so we both have time. If you bought it, enjoy. If you need some convincing, read on, and let me tell you a little about…

Audio and Video Archives Established

I have just finished loading up links to all our podcast episodes as well as the YouTube videos we have created to this point. New episode will be put up not too long after they are released. Please enjoy and as always rate, review, subscribe, and like us wherever you can. We appreciate the support,…


I assume if you have found our site then you know what the fuck you’re in for, if not don’t worry. We are three lifelong wrestling fans from Connecticut. Last summer lifelong friends Dave and AJ began talking about doing a wrestling podcast, I told them I had a base level understanding of recording, but…

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