Criminally Underpriced, Wonderfully Overdelivers

Do me a favor. Stop reading for a second and go to ( and buy the six issues of Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia. I’ll wait….. I wrote this awhile ago so we both have time. If you bought it, enjoy. If you need some convincing, read on, and let me tell you a little about the series.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia is a comic series written and created by Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin of Suspicious Behavior Productions. The series is published by Starburns Industries Press, which is the comic book publishing arm of Starburns Industries. Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is a sci-fi comedy series about a disgruntled Pro Wrestler who declares himself “Galactic Champion of the Universe” only to spark an interplanetary invasion. According to creator Ed Kuehnel “The idea for the comic started with what if there was a planet whose entire society was structured around wrestling? From there we had to figure out how someone from Earth would piss them off, so the idea of a promo came to us. Enter Rory. He’s an amalgram of alot of different wrestlers but Superstar Billy Graham was an influence for sure.” Remember the link is ( Did I mention that each issue is only $1.99. At six issues thats…… do the math, but i say it’s a steal. If you still need convincing, the next paragraph is as much of a spoiler as I am willing to give.

Rock and Roll Rory Landell is one of the central characters in Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia and he kicks off this series with a promo so electric that it extends beyond the reaches of our planet, and a produces a foe unlike anyone on Earth has ever seen. Over the course of the six issues you journey with Rory from walking out on the AWF, to being asked to step up and save the world. Like any wrestling story: he gains people, he loses people, theres a lot of action, alot of drama, as well as sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll. If you are a wrestling fan you will love this series. Remember ( If you haven’t bought it yet and are still reading let me close out by telling you why I liked this series and why I believe its worth you spending your money on.

The first thing that caught my eye about this series was the artwork. If I saw these covers on a news rack I would definitly gravitate towards them. They are colorful and contain characters that you want to delve into the issue and learn about. I was surprised when Ed told me that this was their first comic, since I read through it so quick. The story was engaging and the artwork really propelled me through reading this so quickly. The character in the story feel familiar but not entirely derivative. For instance the commentators give you a feel of both the Bobby The Brain Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon booth, as well as the Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon booth. This is a comic that I believe anyone will enjoy, although obviously being familiar with wrestling helps, but this is just a fun and wild ride. After I got done reading it, I emailed Ed and told him that they need to make an animated movie out of this. When I was reading this, the story moved at a good pace, and left me wanting more. All I could think was that this would make a killer short animated film. I am glad I could get a chance to review this and share my thoughts, and once again here is the link…..Enjoy.

Producer Joe


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