I assume if you have found our site then you know what the fuck you’re in for, if not don’t worry. We are three lifelong wrestling fans from Connecticut. Last summer lifelong friends Dave and AJ began talking about doing a wrestling podcast, I told them I had a base level understanding of recording, but would be more than happy to join them. Just about every week we get together and talk wrestling, most weeks we’ll have a guest interview as well. The cornerstone of our show is the 5-3-1 segment. In this segment we compare top five lists on a particular subject, debate those lists down to a top three, and further debate it down until we get to the number one of that particular subject

Why should you listen and grow with us?

  • We aren’t shit. We are three guys who work full time day jobs and do this podcast to discuss something we enjoy with fans.
  • This show not only helps us escape from the regular world for a little while, we also try to do the same for listeners. We try to bring not only original material every week, but a program for you to enjoy.
  • This is a labor of love for us, and we want to do whatever we can to help positivly grow the wrestling community.

I’m going to quit jabber jawing for now, and I want to again thank you for joining us. Here are just a few ways to get a hold of us

Please, please, please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you can. Also tell a friend or two!


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